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Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

This is a common myth that became widespread after media outlets spread misinformation about lash artistry using photos and stories from worst-case scenario non-certified techs' work. If an educated, certified, and licensed lash artist applies the lashes properly, neatly separating your natural lashes one by one, allowing them to grow out as they are intended, applying proper weights for individual lashes, you will not see damage to your lashes. When lashes are clumped together, too much glue is being used, or the tech uses too large of a false lash on natural one, damage may occur. That is why it is so important to know the lash artist you are using has had proper training. I would highly recommend checking out this article if you are interested in reading real-life stories of women wearing lash extensions for years at a time. 

Will the extensions touch my glasses?

As a part of each consultation I have with my clients when they come in, if they wear glasses at any time, we can talk about adjusting the lash length we apply to suit the glasses they wear and how they wear them on their face. Some wear them low on their nose while others wear them closer to their eyes. Many of my clients wear glasses and this is not an issue whatsoever!

Can I wear makeup or mascara with my lashes?

At Vaude Lashes, we do not recommend the use of mascara on the top lashes. We spend a lot of time hand-making beautiful fans to be placed on clean lashes. With the use of mascara or gel/liquid liners, it creates a bit of a hazard around the bond from the glue to the lashes. Residue of any kind can compromise this bond. And in turn, your lash extensions will likely fall out much faster than intended. So mascara is a bit of a no-go for lash extensions. On the bottom lashes, however, you are welcome to use mascara but carefully. We recommend to wash any eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc worn around the eyes at the end of your day, each time you wear makeup. This ensures that your lashes are free of residue that may transfer onto the lash extensions.

What is the aftercare?

Complimentary to your session is an Aftercare Instructions Guide that you get to take home and will cover everything you need to know about achieving the maximum lifespan of your lash extensions as possible!

Are the lashes heavy on the eyes?

At our studio, we use lightweight extensions that give you a full look, but do not weigh down on the eyes. All of our clients have noticed how weightless the lashes feel. No lash extensions are placed on the skin at any time. And no two lashes are glued to each other that would cause tugging or pulling on the lash line.

I have sensitive eyes, can I still get them done?

Depending on what you are sensitive to, it is a valid concern to always bring up to your lash artist. However, we use only medical grade glues, tape, and other equipment to ensure the most sanitary and safe experience possible with each and every client. When sitting down for the first time to get your lashes done, we recommend a "patch test" to see if your eyes become affected during the process to follow. The glue does not touch the client's skin, but sometimes glue fumes that are close to the eye can cause slight redness that relieves after about 30 minutes to one hour after your session.

Can I still get lash extensions while pregnant?

There are many articles online regarding this subject but it is ultimately up to the client whether or not they should. As mentioned previously, all equipment we use is medical grade and the glue does not ever touch the client's skin at any time. It is targeted exclusively to the natural lash hairs. In advance, you can check with your medical provider.